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waw .. eventually finished second blog after my first blog that is not clear that how its now... haha q..already bored with the first blog finally now I have a new .. term cool new toy.. hehe. e
Well., Sorry I have not had time to post the first word .. yaps., because preface so ..hehe y (quasi-plasticity really busy) .. hahay J if in my first bog more concerned or focused on one idea .. This time I wanted to take some theme whatever .. not really for everyone .. My second blog is useful for anyone who wants to use this blog for anything .. haha .. try this hell that I wrote ..
Understandably., Last night until 1 am I was still in front of the laptop screen only for designs that match search my heart ..
 haha .. h

 I also want to say thanks for someone who has accompanied me last night to make me not bored .. thanks .. b
Have a wonderful dish from my weird ..hahaha w
Selasa, 02 November 2010 [shortstory]
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