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Okay, today I purposely made this post, because I'm (not because I don't like and wanted to offend) not really understand about the demands of friendship that only accept posts in english language.(once again I don't mean to offend you) anyway this is free and public area, right? 

As long as you speak english very well or even not so good, it doesn`t matter to me even with just one word of english. Doesn`t mean that you which never write in english word cannot spell or write or read english right? Which matter to me, when you write with your mother tongue(your original language), that is a sign that you want to introduce your language to entire world. So if there`s foreigners that want to read your post, definitely they will look for any option so they can read your posts (especially now there are online dictionaries, right? so they just copy and paste your words into their language) it easy right? Indirectly, they will learn our language too. okay, maybe some of you not agree with me, but it`s ok. I think diversity among us is beautiful right?

I`m not disagree with your demands like those english word, its just in my opinion that will limiting your friendship, and it will looks like discrimination against others. We live in modern era, so I think is not necessary to become like this(limiting your friendship against other), its just shame or pity to activist who fight against discrimination to lost, if ourself still use that discrimination against others in indirect way eventhough it is trivial.

Once again, I`m writing this not because I want to offend your feeling dear. But, deep in my heart, I apologize if this post offend you but this post I made because I`m one of million that loves and upholds with respect to my native language, my homeland language, because there were many languages in my country, but there is only one that unite us all which is BAHASA INDONESIA!
So please think carefully

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Sabtu, 07 September 2013 [shortstory]
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